Technology is transforming the media landscape at an unprecedented pace. But in the right hands, change can be a force for good. ECI, the market’s fastest growing global media management company, leverages these changes to help you drive higher media value from your advertising investment.

A modern, forensic approach

Ever since our formation we have championed a modern approach to media and financial auditing. As pioneers in the field of digital auditing, we include sophisticated analysis of programmatic activity in our audit model, and we pride ourselves on a forensic, fact-based approach which harnesses the power of our world-class talent and proprietary technology. Along with our innovative benchmarking capabilities, we are confident in our ability to empower our clients to drive higher media value and media-led impact on business performance.

Cutting-edge services

Capitalizing on today’s dynamic, fast-paced media landscape to drive higher media value requires data-driven decision-making, global experience and a deep understanding of the latest technologies. At ECI we are proud to be able to offer these and so much more, including TV auditing, financial compliance auditing, pitch management, KPI setting and management and contract consultancy.

Global experience, local expertise

We are proud of our client portfolio, which contains some of the world’s largest and leading advertisers. Our network of owned offices and leading affiliates supports them where they need us, across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. We offer them high-level media intelligence and rigorous benchmarking and, ultimately, the insight, experience and savvy to ensure that their advertising investment and agency relationships drive higher media value.

Vision and values

At ECI we know that win-win relationships aren’t a result of luck – they require hard work and trust to make them happen. Our focus on transparency, effective communication and actionable insight helps clients and agencies start their relationship on the right footing, meaning investments will work harder and drive higher value.

We pride ourselves on hiring world-class talent from a variety of backgrounds, from academic qualifications in statistics and strategy to previous roles with advertisers, media owners and agencies. Each of our hand-picked employees is analytical and objective, with extensive experience in all media, particularly digital. And no matter what their experience and background, all of our employees epitomise our company values: passion, innovation and cooperation

Their skills and integrity, together with ECI’s sophisticated technology and benchmarking software means that our clients get a bespoke service that provides pertinent insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of their media investments, and solutions for how to improve it.


Our clients

We are proud to work with some of the world’s best-known brands, from a multitude of different industries and geographies and each with their own unique need for the forensic insights that ECI Media Management delivers. Read about some of the work we have done for them here.

Our global footprint

Our global network of owned offices and leading affiliates supports our clients wherever they need us, providing an international perspective and local expertise across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.