What is the racetrack in roulette?

What is the racetrack in roulette?

A racetrack is a roulette tool. With the racetrack, you can easily bet on certain combinations.

When you play roulette, in addition to the rectangular field which contains all the numbers, you often see an oval square that also contains all the numbers. This is called the "neighbor print" or also "racetrack".

That oval box is constructed the same as the roulette disc. On the disc, the number 1, for example, is between 33 and 20. You can therefore immediately see which numbers are 'neighbors' of each other, hence the name.


How do you use the racetrack? Very simply. If you bet on a number on the print, then you play not only that number, but also the two neighboring numbers on either side. In total, this bet costs five chips. Case in point: if you pick the 17 with the neighbors, you automatically bet on the 6, 34, 25, and 2 as well. Also, you can check more information about casinos here - https://indiasneed.com/review/casumo-review-casino/

On the racetrack, you can also play the zero game, big series, small series, and orphelins in one go, without having to know the individual numbers by heart. Handy!

Many players have come up with entire roulette systems based on the racetrack. This can make your game more fun and exciting but remember: the house edge in roulette always remains the same no matter which way you bet.

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