Online casinos with Revolut for payments

Revolut is not the most popular, but very convenient way to deposit on gambling sites. Users get a card and make financial transactions in offline stores and on the Internet. On some sites, users can deposit and withdraw money by this method.

Important information about the payment system

The platform was created by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko in 2015. The peculiarity of the system is quick currency conversion right in myAlpari. To use Revolut, it is necessary to order the issuance of a named card. There are 4 tariff plans with different terms of service and privileges for clients.

Approximately 120 options for converting funds are available. They include digital coins: Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and so on. It is possible to transfer money to residents of other countries in 29 currencies.

What is the difference between a Revolut deposit and another bank card?

Very often the difference between a Revolut deposit and another bank card is only in the speed of withdrawal. A standard bank card takes 1-2 business days for a payment to arrive in your account. With Revolut, it can be instantaneous. Transactions are initiated with a phone number only and are instant. If your friend or relative sends you funds now, they will arrive in 2-3 seconds.

Another significant difference is that ATM cash withdrawals with Revolut are free up to 200 euros with a regular plan. And it's free all over the world. The ban card also always has a withdrawal fee, both at home and abroad.

When we talk about deposit with Revolut at online casinos, you might think that deposit funds can be sent to some phone number. Unfortunately, this is not the case and here Revolut acts as a regular bank card. First you will need to enter its details into your casino profile, then you will need to take a picture of it to confirm it. Once they confirm your account, you can play. As for payout – withdrawal through Revolut can take 1-2 business days. i.e. there is no difference.

Rating of the best online institutions

In the list of the best sites get with an official license, fast transfer of winnings and a wide range of virtual machines. Sites tested for a dozen criteria for reliability, so users can safely deposit money and spin the reels in certified slots.

Deposit bonuses

Operators offer bonuses for deposits from any payment system, including Revolut. Promotional offers for deposits come in different types, but most often it is:

  • Money – are awarded as a percentage of the amount of the first deposits (one or more). As a rule, it is from 50% to 200%.
  • Freespins - issued in addition to the bonus interest or separately. Provided for a particular video slot or multiple machines.

To get the bonus, you need to top up your balance through the Revolut service for a specified amount. Any promotional offer must be wagered according to the rules specified by the operator in the conditions of the promotion.

Main advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include:

  • Fast currency conversion.
  • High limits for transfers.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • No fees.
  • Cashback on balance.

Disadvantages of the service:

  • Bank transfers can sometimes take up to 5 days.
  • Difficulties in obtaining cards for residents of some countries.

How to make a deposit to the casino with Revolut

To make a deposit with Revolut in the casino, you need to get a card or open a virtual account on the platform. Then you need to replenish the balance. After that, just go to the casino website and register. Select a deposit using the service, specify the card number and the amount of the deposit.

Due to the fact that this method is close to a classic bank transfer, transactions can take up to 5 business days. Most often money appears on your balance in 5-10 minutes.

Money Withdrawal Features

Winnings can be withdrawn to the virtual balance to which the card is attached. To withdraw money, you need to specify the account number and the amount. The user, who confirmed the identity and the payment instrument, will receive funds within the time specified in the financial program of the operator.


Revolut first launched in 2015, offering money transfers, currency exchange, stock purchases and cryptocurrency. This e-wallet is now a European bank and has the ability to store money in different currencies at the same time. Today, more than 18 million customers all over the world use dozens of innovative Revolut products to perform over 150 million transactions per month.

Users' questions

How long does it take to credit the account?

  • Due to the specifics of bank transfers, it takes up to 5 working days to transfer the money. As a rule, transactions are much faster – just a few minutes.

What is the commission fee for depositing?

  • There are no fees for financial transactions within the limit.

What bonuses are given on deposits?

  • For deposits, players get money or freespins. Promotions are published on the operator's official website.

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