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Cambodia is a great place for tourist holidays, as well as well suitable for those travelers and vacationers who are fond of Asian recreation near the beautiful sea. Local beaches are in no way inferior to Thai and Vietnamese beaches. However, the infrastructure is not very well developed here, and the roads here are in terrible condition. But it is worth noting that prices in these places are quite acceptable.
The capital of this wonderful country is considered to be the city of Phnomopen. In addition, you can visit the largest and exotic cities such as: Siamriap, Angora and Sianouquin. The country has a local monetary unit called Riel.
In Cambodia you can find many beautiful places. One of the main attractions of the country is considered to be an ankgor. This is, first of all, the capital, once located in these places of the Khmer state. Its remains occupy an area of ​​200 km2 long. In them you can find a huge number of temples and ancient palace structures. Among other things, one of the most important attractions is considered to be Siamriap. It is a gate located near the temples of the former capital of the Khmer state. At one time, this place was calm and quiet. And to date, a huge number of tourists who admire ancient historical monuments come to this old town. In addition, a crowd of pilgrims of the Buddhist faith comes here.
Separately, it is worth noting the capital of Cambodia Phnomopen. At one time, he was the most beautiful city in the lands of Asia, which were part of the French colonies. But as merciless military operations were carried out here, many structures were destroyed. Currently, the city has been reconstructed and has become one of the cents of the Cambodia modern metropolis. The main attraction of the capital is considered to be the Royal Palace, as well as the well -known Pagoda.
In the eastern part of the country, you can see a town called Kampong Cham, as well as visit temple structures. In the southwestern part of the capital, a chain of ivory mountains, as well as cardamomon mountains, stretched. In this place you can visit the national park called "Borok". In addition, to see the most beautiful waterfall called “Pokvil”, as well as visit excursions in the summer residence called “Black Palace”. In addition, you can go to the old palace. It is allowed to play gambling in it as the casino is located here.
The largest sea resort in the country is considered to be Sianouquin. Here you can visit the temple called “Wat Leu”, as well as in the shrine “Wat Kraom”. All these sacred complexes can be found on a mountain called Sianouquin. And nearby is the Park of Ream, somewhere around 18 kilometers.
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