Watch Dogs Pass Tips - Additional Tasks: Crime

From time to time, the crime scenes marked with a blue triangle and the same circle appear on the map. If you approach this place with the help of a profiler, you should quickly track down a potential victim or a criminal. Do not fit any of these people, just wait quietly at a distance. When the yellow band in the profiler profile becomes red, then act.

You can kill or deduce the criminal. The first option is much faster - just shoot in a person at a distance, but grant less experience points. So, if you prefer to get more, pursue a gangster and pursue it when you are close enough.

The stopping of criminals improves your reputation in society. It is also worth adding that you can earn more reputation points if you managed to protect the victim from the criminal and prevent her death. To do this, you must take action before the attacking attack.

Crimes is one of the four types of side quests available in the game. To transmit a title of 100%, you will have to deal with 20 crimes, although the map will appear even more. If you have committed yourself to perform this type of task, and it is not executed, unlike other side tasks, it will disappear from the card. However, do not worry, because sooner or later, new orders of this type will appear in the city.

Sometimes it happens that the criminal next to the vehicle and instead of walking, for example, go by car. In such cases, find the car as soon as possible and start chasing. Try to neutralize the enemy car or push it towards the road, then kill or stun the criminal.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a certain paradox. If, trying to catch the criminal, he begins to shoot, and someone causes the police, law enforcement agencies will want to make track of you, not Gangster. Even if you manage to deal with the enemy before the arrival of the police, you still have to run away from them or be caught or killed.


The path is to capture all the enemy figures for a certain number of moves. Before starting the stroke, a message appears showing how many moves is required to get three, two and one star. Of course, the less we do, the better.

Survival - in this mode you have only the king, and your goal is to stay on the board as long as possible. The opponent will have several figures, and you should avoid capturing an opponent.

Tips - This time you have several figures, and your goal is to check the enemy king. The smaller you make moves, the better the result will be.
Full game - the classic type of chess, in which the whole game is held.

Chess are taken into account when the game is 100% passing. To make the system completed this mini-game, you must play 10 games (no matter what mode). Register and play at slot sites casino for real money or in demo mode on our website!

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