Rabin, last day (2016). Description

The picture of the painting unfolds at the end of the twentieth century, in Israel. The country has long been in a state of military conflict with neighboring Palestine. But recently, the peaceful settlement process has moved from a dead point. And now many hoped that the long blood frees will come to the long blood. This process was associated with Israeli Prime Minister Itzhac Rabin. It was he who wondered to enter into peace with the Palestinians. But I could not bring the policies started to the end. It was a completely attempt. A young radical managed to get to the Prime Minister and shoot it. <br />
<br />
The criminal was detained and arrested. But this case initiated a large-scale investigation against radical groups. In this case, the best police and detectives were involved. And they had to find out all the circumstances of the killing of Rabin. But the investigation was not so simple. The further the guards of order were moved, the more frightening Tang flooded to the surface. Including in relation to the murdered prime minister. Investigators learned a lot of things that should not be publicity. But on the other hand, it was unbearably silent, since the public demanded the maximum truth. <br /> De site van het spelportaal spinambacasino-netherlands.com Casino heeft een gebruiksvriendelijk ontwerp en een intuïtieve interface. Zelfs een beginner zal gemakkelijk het beheer van een persoonlijke rekening beheersen, evenals het algoritme voor het uitvoeren van geldtransacties.

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