Stands for handles and pencils do it yourself

With the invitation to the holiday, you have an extra reason to give the perpetrator of the celebration of a good mood of an unusual gift created by your hands.

Not only is the subject of donation will be unusual and unique in appearance, but also with a part of your mental heat.
Such an unusual thing will perfectly perform a stand for pencils and pens. To whom the gift is intended, you will not have to harm the emerging pencils or turn everything into urgent searching for a somewhere framed handle.

After your visit visitors, the stand is comfortable, made in an unusual way from a variety of materials.

[b] Normal small glass jar [/ b]
The format and litter is selected for the number of pencils, which it uses the one to whom it will be presented. The tape lace is tensioning on the neck outside the edge. It is fixed on top of a thin satin ribbon, tied with a beautiful bow. Lounds can be closed the entire surface of the jar. Now it is not just a glass container, but the corresponding stand, where all the pencils and handles fit in the house.

[b] Using under the pencil cup, you can all anything [/ b]
Is there a unclaimed container for bulk products? Here is the corresponding base for the cup. Paints on it were asked? No matter is not a problem. Take acrylic paints. First cover the future cup with the desired background. After driving, start creating a primary pattern: from curls to plot drawings. Fully finished colorful masterpiece would be nice to cover lacquer for better safety.
Many interesting things can be created on a plastic basis. [/ B]
For example, a fabric glass for pens. Cropped at the desired height empty plastic bottle. It is wrapped in the flap of any favorite fabric. In fashion burlap - use it. Silk, cotton, too, fit well. The glass looks more spectacular if it is not easy to wrap in a strip of fabric, and cut the circle from it, put the center to the center, pick up the edges of the pattern inside, having a beautifully dragged with folds. To plastic fabric fasten the stapler or glued. So the attachments will not spoil the type of gift.

In the garden recently been put up, and there were suitable chumbachk? Of these, there will also be a beautiful gift gift. The upper cut of such a homemade stand is cut slightly. The core is dried. There remains a frame of several wood rings and bark. The latter is better to choose a relief, with characteristic cracks. It remains to be covered with a transparent varnish, and such a stand is suitable for any interior.

In a modern apartment for creating a stand, there are several damaged DVDs. It is damaged for direct use, and for the stand still as suitable. On the disk "floor" are attached "walls" from 2 sides. In other sides, the remaining details are planned in these grooves. If you wish, you can make such a glass of 4 compartments.

[b] Paper Glass [/ B]
What about glasses in the technique of modular origami? Finding different colors of modules-detail, you can create various patterns. Such a cup for pencils can take a swan or flower shape. convertisseur mp3

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